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WEDNESDAY! Tribal fusion classes in Hampton! Thought by Dana Beaufait



Evolution of a Dancer

6:30pm - 8:30pm

This 12-week course I will teach you as much as I can about my own personally developed style. You can take just the subjects you desire or all of them as you see fit. Each week we will be taking 2hrs to cover the topic of the week from beginning to end, in a fast paced high energy crash course format. Each topic will be broken down to be used for any style, level, and body type. This is an experimental syllabus structure that is geared toward the performer that wants to take knowledge of over a decade worth of experience and apply it to a fresh new entertainment community. Here is a list of the subjects we will be covering for the next 12 weeks:


  • All the Shimmies!

  • Dynamic Slow Motion

  • Ritual Temple Dance

  • Veil Flow i'm Living For!

  • Veilpoi for Lovers

  • To Improve is to....

  • Choreography for Solos and Groups

  • Stage MakeUp 0 - 100

  • Build it Faster, Stronger, more uncut: Costumes

  • Here a Zill, There a Zill!!!

  • Don't Let

  • Me Down Hula

  • Plus Size, Curvy, Goddess



Register here:

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