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Poi Veil DVD By: Izumi Quick Review

Im not sure how available this DVD is gong to be to the world but I could not pass up the opportunity of reviewing a fellow Veil Poi spinners work. Izumi is a Japanese Belly Dancer from Tokyo who released this new instructional DVD in April of 2014. Most of the DVD is in Japanese but there are English subtitles and voice over, which I appreciated. If I were to ever re-release my DVD or create a new one I would like to incorporate multiple languages because the Veil Poi community spans the world in a way I never expected. So, even though it dose not need to be in english for me to understand her teachings, because it is very well demonstrated, it was nice to understand exactly what she was trying to portray.

Do First, I have to say even though the cover and inside if the DVD is in Japanese , I love the way it looks. Her photo is beautiful and the graphics have a great lay out show casing all of the bullet points this DVD has to offer. The inside of the DVD is just as beautiful with a full color advertisement for her studio and fellow performers for this DVD. Izumi goes through all of the basic Veil Poi vocabulary, with and without the veil attached, and breaks down combinations in a slow and organized way. This gives new spinners time to adjust and learn.

This part of the DVD is almost verbatim to my instructional DVD to the point where I'm not quite sure what to think. I was a little worried at first that she had just copied my format and had nothing to offer. Thankfully I was wrong. Later on in the DVD she shows you how to attach your veil using safety pins, and then teaches a short choreography. I am very hard on my props so this method of attachment would not work for me because it would tear the silk, and I'm cheap, silk is expensive. So, I'm not going to risk this. However, the choreography is very nice and a great addition to this DVD.

I would say that it is a Cabaret style dance starting smoothly and building up to a perky fast paced piece. Ive come to think of this spinning style as a variation on my style that was inspired by two amazing Cabaret Belly Dancers Aziza and Michel Joyce that took the prop and made it their own. Izumi took it a step further and performed with a live drummer in a Veil Poi drum solo! I would have never thought to put those two things together and it was a real treat. There are two performances included at the end of the DVD including the choreography that is taught, Drum solo and a live performance show.

I would say tho DVD is worth a look if you can find it in your country. I had to get a friend of mine to order it and shipped it to my house. If you would like to see more reviews like this please comment down below! Also, if you have any recommendations or things you would like see let me know.



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