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What is Veil Poi?

Is a mix between the classic Belly Dance prop Veil and the classic Maori tribe prop Poi. It was created in 2006 to give fire performers the ability to show there skills of spinning with out the worries of fire, with keeping the intense look and feel of whirling balls of flame. 


It has become so much more than just a subsitue for fire. All over the world people are using Veil Poi to express there emotions in dance, worship, and theatrics. Some have even used it for physical and mental therapy. 


It gives the user the freedom to express themsevles in a grandious way and really explore a side of themselves with creativity that in our modern era we tend to neglect. 


How to Make Veil Poi 

There are many ways to create Veil Poi. *Please keep in mind safety* I use 3-3.5 Yard Silk rectangular veils and poi that have at least one swivle point to help decrease tangleing. I like to tie the veils on to the poi to preserve the veil for both regular use and for spinning purposes.


There are versions the have the veils sewen on, pined on, or built in pockets for the poi to be attached. Its all about whats right for you and your performance. They also have diffrent veil shapes and sizes. For more information you can dowload this pamphlet or check out our page of sponsored venders. SHOP PAGE

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Styles of Veil Poi 

Veil Poi is not flags, poi with streamers, or ribbons. Those are thier own prop. The main diffrence between Veil Poi and those other props are the large flowing peices of silk attached to the Poi. The silk peices can be rectangle or semi circle attacted either at one end of the silk or the length of the chain. 


The performance style ranges from fast spinning to slow and has been used with Caberte style Belly Dance to Tribal Fusion and more. The original spinning style is a softer slower style but the vocabulary of Veil Poi can be fast enough to even be used with a drum solo or dubstep. Once you learn the basics of spinning Veil Poi the world is your canvus! 

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