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This is a peice created to a song from the Gears of War video game sound track. With themes of life and death this Veil Poi Tribal Fusion Belly Dance is full of emotion. 


This is a Veil Poi peice that involes everything pirates! With a dramatic intro and a fast paced folk style ending. A lot of fun. 


In the summer nights, when you are travling down the wild concret roads of the countryside, breath in the spirit of the old ways. This number has a fusion of Veil Poi and Native American dance. 


A very dark, gothic, theatrical story about a vampires journey through the exploration of a new life in death...Blood!


This Single Veil Poi Dance was created to look peaceful, positive, and light. Closer to a caberte Belly Dance feel. 


 I also love making tutorial videos! Weather its Belly Dance costumes or random D.I.Ys 

Come craft with me.