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I love to teach many different things, there are four sections below that will lead you toward a few different types of courses that I offer, and I hope you would like to learn more about. If you would rather just read all of the workshops offered at once you can download my workshop package directly below. Thank you for visiting me! 


I know its not for everyone but the sprititual aspect of dance is very important to me.  I didnt even realise in the beginning of my belly dance career how much. I use dance as therapy, as meditaion, and as a conduet for spiritual intention. It alows me to reach a higher place within my self and stay grounded at the same time. 


I would like to share my experince and passion of the other side of dance. Let the positive energy flow and keep an open mind for these magical classes. I truly belive you can be spiritual with out being religous so the focus of these classes is Positve vs Negative energy.

There is no limit to the variety of Veil Poi workshops there can be! Learn Veil Poi from the original instructor for the prop. It's not everyday that a new belly dance prop is created. It's also not everyday that you have the ability to learn from that creator. 


I would love to share all that I can about this lovely prop, with training in Voi Spinning, Belly Dance, Fire spinning, Poi Spinning, and theatrical dance, I would hope I could teach you something new and exciting, please click above to learn more. 

Make-up and costuming has consumed most of my life! I was born into a very costume oriented family and have learned so many time saving, money saving and creative tips. It is the first thing that people see of your performace and can make you memorable for good reasons or forgetable for bad ones. If you are a classic Belly Dancer or a Gothic Belly Dancer, if you are performing for three people or three thousand you can have the perfect look. 


I love sharing my simplifying tricks for makeup and sewing. Make-up is something that not a lot of people complety understand coming into this life style. I hope the newest artist to the most experianced could learn a trick or two from me.

It's the dance that has changed my entire life, and can be learned and loved by anybody. I have trained in many styles of Belly Dance but my passions lay with theatrical performances, tribal style, improve, and group choreography. 


Belly Dance is going through a real revolution, each year it adds, changes, and creates upon its self something new. I would like to offer you not only my personal style of teaching and aesthetic but share as much of my experience and guidance in these subjects as I can.

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