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"I want to inspire the women and men of today to stay creative and not let their imaginations die in the hustles and bustle of the everyday life. To get back in touch with their bodies and minds, and to show them that every aspect of life can be art. My goal in life is to make everything as magical as I can because life is too short not to try". -Dana Beaufait



Veilpoi Bio:

Dana Beaufait  Created Veil Poi, Poi Veil, Voi, Silk Poi, a new Belly Dance prop that has been taking the world by storm. Even though it has many different names it is always fun and Beautiful to dance with. In 2007, Dana released her instructional DVD 'Voi: Fire less Poi Spinning'  to promote her own  Voi technique to an international audience. Since then it has taken off to inspire Dancers from Japan, Russia, Europe, Australia and the united states, just to name a few, to create their own techniques and choreography. Veil Poi has been used to express emotion from Belly Dance to worship dance and continues to grow every year! For more history on Voi please visit the Veil Poi Page HERE.


Dance Bio:

Dana is a second generation Belly dancer from Virginia, USA.  Veil Poi, Hula fusion, Theatrical dance, ritual tribal Dance, Cosplay and Tribal Fusion Belly dance are just a few of her passions.  She started dancing at the age of thirteen, with a love for Egyptian cabaret and Fusion Belly dance. Dana began teaching through her mother's studio, Janna's International Dance Studio, at the age of seventeen introducing her love of dance to women and men all over the Hampton Roads area. Dana enjoys crafting dramatic fantasy, nerdy, gothic, theatrical performances, Exploring as many facets of human and un-human nature as she can through dance. Drawing out character dances with the help of theatrical makeup, costuming and music.


She has taught over a hundred classes including costuming and makeup workshops, Veil Poi workshops, Basic Belly Dance classes, Zil classes, Veil classes, Theatrical movement course, Ritual dance movement, Makeup, and more. Creating over fifty choreographs including classes at the college of William & Mary and Published Voi Choreo 'Wraith' in the Choreographer's Notebook: Undead Edition.


Winner of Jewels of the Orient Professional Tribal 2016. Runner up winner of East Coast Classic Tribal Professional 2016. Assistant Producer of East Coast Classic 2017. Workshop instructor East Coast Classic 2017. Studio instructor BeFlat Japan 2013-2015. Studio manager of Seven Cities Dance Studio 2016. Artistic Director of East Coast Classic 2017. Hospitality Coordinator Tribal Con 2017. Guest Artist and Instructor at Ravens Night D.C 2016.  Lead role in Madame Oncas: Manna Saga theatrical belly dance production 2017.


Nerd Bio:

Dana Beaufait Stevens has been a Belly Dancer for close to 20 years, and has been a supporter of nerddom for her entire life! Playing Dnd with her parents, and World of Warcraft from nilla. Woot!  This created an ambition to combine her performance art skills with her love of fantasy and Science Fiction. With makeup, cosplay and a new dance prop that has become known for 'bending' or 'super powers' in the cosplay community.



Artist & Collab Stuffs:

{so much I need to add here...)



Ritual Dance Experiment:

Since 2016 Dana has been experimenting with a new form of dance movement that involves personal ritual practices to symbolize many things including, elemental symbology, the turning of the wheel, The Norse story of the gods and goddesses, and this year just for Earthweavers 2017 is working on a representation of the divine feminine. Just like the maiden, mother, crone archetypes within us all there are many more facets to explore. Lover, warrior, queen, wild feminine are just a few of the other types of the energy in our selves we could be resonating with during the wheel of our own lives. Join Dana Beaufait, Raising Gorgans, Hex Knottingham and more for drumming, dance, ritual, guided meditation, prayer, and a journey through the divine feminine in all of us! Blessed


She is the co-creator of the 'choreographer's Notebooks' and artistic visionary behind the Rogue Dance Innovations publication projects. The Notebooks were designed to give dancers an all-in-one dance reference with charts for choreography, song information, and theme. costume design, staging and workshop notes for solo and group dances. She has illustrated and help design the cover and work flow charts in all three Notebook titles, for examples please check out her workshops page HERE. Dana has been choreographing, performing and teaching professionally for the last ten years; helping artistically minded individuals bring their visions to life from the ground up.

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